Environmental Sustainability Policy

Bagel Boy, Inc. is a small owner operated entrepreneurial corporation that strives to minmize its impact on the environment. Bagel Boy, Inc. also maintains a positive relationship with its community. Throughout its history, The Bagel Boy Leadership Team has worked to meet all federal, state and local environmental laws.

The Environmental Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all employers meet a standard that covers:

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Air Quality Emissions

Waste in all areas of Bagel Boy, Inc. processing and sanitation is minimized through careful attention. This includes water usage. Corrugated and a percentage of our plastics is recycled as a part of our policy. We will continue to add our entire plastic bag discards to our recycling effort and to look for additional ways to promote this policy.

As a good neighbor Bagel Boy, Inc. donates too many local organizations and charities.